What is up guys! We are very stoked to announce the release of update 1.1, further deepening the integration of mod content into the core experience of Skater XL on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.  We have always thought of Skater XL as a community driven game, and making user generated content as accessible as possible to players on all platforms is our next step in that direction.

In this update we have integrated a Mod Browser into the main menu of the game, allowing access to browse, download, and install mods without ever leaving the game.  And while some PC players have been modding for years, Skater XL is one of only a few games to enable access to mods on console.  This integration makes it easier than ever for new players on all platforms to get involved in the community, and also streamlines the process for modding veterans in a way that we think adds real value.  


Here’s how it works:

In addition to remastered and ‘Optimized by Easy Day’ versions of Applewood Park, Quebec Skate Plaza, and Riverfern maps, players on all platforms can browse and install over 250 different gear and skin mods at the push of a button.

We will regularly be curating drops of mods which are uploaded to the Skater XL Mod.io website, which will be vetted for copyright, quality and age rating, they will be made available on the browser, creating a steady stream of fresh content and endless reasons to come back and see what’s new.

New stuff is not just limited to community created items, and we have also added some new brands to the official gear lineup, that can now be found in the character customizer.  You can now rock gear from Uma Landsleds (Evan Smith’s new board brand), Illegal Civ, Cariuma Footwear, Macba Life and Am Grip.  We are very stoked to continue to grow our partnerships with some of the best brands in skateboarding.

This is a huge step for the game and future of content updates, but we are far from finished.  We are very much looking forward to 2021 and continuing to update the gameplay and features with more big updates. 

We again thank the entire Skater XL community for your continued support and contributions!  We hope everyone has a great holiday season, and look forward to big things in 2021!