Oshawa Arena by Brookzee99 is now is available in the Mod Browser on all platforms ?

This brand new community creation is a modern skate contest arena, with all the features you’d expect to find your favorite pros shredding in the world’s biggest competitions. Created by Brookzee99, with porting by Easy Day for all platforms, Oshawa Arena will play host to the first ever Skater XL FakeSkate Open Live Contest event on February 5th. Tune in at Twitch.TV/StillMilky to watch some of the best fakeskaters in the world compete live for cash and prizes!

From Brookzee99:

“With the introduction of multiplayer to the game my goal was to bring a new element to the game in the form of competitive skating for the community. Inspired by real world skate competitions, this map is completely fictitious and was inspired by real world spots from the skateparks of Oshawa, Canada.

I have tried to capture the essence of competition skating with a course that would be at home in any real world event and lends itself to the games mechanics for both base game and modded players. I have put everything into making this map look and skate to the best of my abilities, using what I have learned from this community over the past year and taking advantage of the lighting guide that was compiled by the guys over at Easy Day.

Whilst I have been proud of every map I have made, this is the one I am especially proud of. I can’t believe the support I have received from the community whilst making this map, so I thank everyone of you and the guys at Easy Day for always giving their invaluable advice. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a whole new chapter of competitive skating in Skater XL…”