Fermenter Plaza is the latest optimized map to drop in the Mod Browser on PlayStation, Xbox and PC and is certified shred ready!  Created by mod map maker @FermenterGames, this plaza is a sprawling outdoor environment, built to make your skateboarding daydreams come true.

The Fermenter Plaza creator describes the map as ‘more like a stream of consciousness improvised flow of ideas. I dream of skateboarding a lot, and often have moments where everything just works perfectly. I land every trick, and the next ledge is perfectly set up for my line. I wanted to build a park that I could essentially daydream that same perfect flow feeling in. From techy line plazas, to giant gaps, this map was designed to help you stay creative with endless possibilities.’

Utilizing tile, marble, and granite textures throughout, this map has a unique aesthetic perfect for filming lines for your next video part.  Diverse terrain including big rails, technical ledge sections, transitions, unique sculptural elements and skatable rooftops will have you finding new lines with each new session.

As part of the optimization process, Easy Day worked with the original creator to update lighting, textures, and small layout adjustments, along with reworking many technical aspects of the map so that it loads quickly, fits within system memory and plays smoothly on all platforms. 

We are very excited to see the video parts that come out of this map.  Don’t forget to tag us and @FermenterGames in your posts on social.  

Fermenter Plaza is available now in the ‘Maps’ section of the Mod Browser, along with a new community gear drop. Just filter by ‘Newest’ to see the latest offerings.

Thanks as always for your support and contributions, and we’ll be back soon with more news and map additions.