What is up guys?! We are very stoked to share our latest trailer and announce that Skater XL players on all platforms will be able to access a world of community created mod maps and gear this December. Skater XL has always been driven by it’s passionate community, and as developers, we have been blown away by the creativity and abilities of our devoted group of mod creators.

While modding has long been a huge part of the Skater XL experience on PC, our integration of the mod.io platform into the core game experience makes it easier than ever. Through this integration, we are able to bring players on all platforms a curated offering of the best mod maps and gear, and regular content drops of fresh content via online servers.

In addition to allowing a steady flow of new content, the process of finding and downloading mods into Skater XL could not be easier. Simply open the mod menu in game, browse a curated list of mod maps and gear that have been listed on Mod.io, and click to install. It’s literally that simple.

And while it is our goal to provide as much mod content as possible to our community on all platforms, there is a significant amount of effort on the part of our team to convert and optimize maps for the various platforms, moderate content, and create a high quality experience. But rest assured that you will see a steady cadence of mod map and gear drops to keep things exciting for the foreseeable future.

As we mentioned earlier, we see this as a huge step forward for the future of games and building open ecosystems where player expression is a priority and involvement is not limited to completing challenges or earning points. Through the integration of mod content, players are encouraged to become part of the creative process, and build and share their creations with the larger community. We could not be happier to bring this world of possibilities to life.

Our initial mod content drop on all platforms this December will feature a huge range of mod gear and skins, as well as remastered versions of three of the most popular and diverse mod maps on our mod.io page. These maps offer a huge range of terrain and a new opportunity for exploration. We worked with each map creator to optimize and give visual upgrades to each map, ensuring a premium playing experience.

It is worth noting that all mods that will be integrated into the game, will go through a moderation process to ensure their suitability for our age rating, trademark and IP rights, and a number of other factors. Mods that might not fit the criteria for integration, may still be added using the old system for adding mods.


Created by Taitjames from Sydney, Australia, this map features a mash-up of real life skate spots found in the land down under.

Created by AlexLaskka from Quebec City, Canada, this map is a highly accurate replica of the well known skate park found in the great white north.

Created by ROARTEX89 from Kent, England, this map caters to all skating styles with huge stair sets, its own skatepark, hubba ledges, techy manual pads and more.

Thank you as always to the incredible Skater XL modding community for you passion, energy and inspiration. We could not be more appreciative of your contributions and creativity. We look forward to working closely with the creator community and we continue on our road to true cross platform modding. We will be sharing more details soon as the implementation date approaches.