When it comes to landmarks in skateboard history, you’d be hard pressed to find more hallowed ground than San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza during the 1990’s era.  Everyday, SF locals and skaters from across the globe would come to EMB to write new pages in the book of skate history on the red bricks, stairs, blocks, ledges and the infamous Gonz Gap.

Our ode to the era, is a tribute to this iconic location, packed full of all of the features that made it famous. True to the original, but optimized with additional elements of gameplay, Embarcadero Plaza is now available on all platforms in the mod browser.

An original creation of Easy Day Studios, our art and design team has created an environment that will transport you to the 90’s San Francisco waterfront, from wherever you are in the world.  Whether it’s technical ledge lines or Gonz Gap glory you’re after, Embarcadero is a blend of nostalgia and newness.  

And our homage to SF wouldn’t be complete without a special drop of gear from FTC.  Throughout it’s 25+ year history, FTC has kept the San Francisco skate scene thriving, sponsoring countless skateboard legends..  The capsule is now available in the mod browser on all platforms, sporting Bay Area colorways of the iconic FTC logo.

Embarcadero Plaza is available now in the ‘Maps’ section of the Mod Browser, along with a new community gear drop. Just filter by ‘Newest’ to see the latest offerings.

Thanks as always for your support and contributions, and we’ll be back soon with more news and map additions.